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Can I file for Social Security Disability online in Ohio?

The Social Security Administration is the federal agency that is responsible for determining who qualifies for Social Security Disability benefits, and how much those benefits will be. As has been discussed before in this space, generally the SSA will accept an application and then forward it to a local office run by the state in which you live, which will schedule an interview to gather the necessary information needed to make a decision on your case. There is another way to apply, however, which is through the SSA’s website, by filling out an online application.

According to the SSA, the advantages of filing your disability claim online are several. With an online application, you can begin the application process immediately and without an appointment. You avoid trips to the social security office and can apply right from your home or another computer. You can also save your application and return to it later if need be. By completing the online application and medical release forms, and reviewing the check-list provided, you can get your disability claim rolling. You will have to mail, or bring in personally, some documents required by the SSA, such as your birth certificate or other citizenship evidence, information about any worker’s compensation you have received, and W-2s or self-employment tax returns for the past year, any medical evidence in your possession and discharge paperwork from the military if such service was before 1968.

Once the application is submitted, SSA will send a confirmation and begin processing. It will inform you if you need to provide any further information. The medical release form you sign when applying will hopefully allow SSA to get medical records from your doctor documenting your physical disability. Once it has the necessary information the SSA will make a decision on your case.

It should be kept in mind that most applications, online or otherwise, are denied in the first steps of the process. If you have questions or concerns about whether your inability to work qualifies you for SSD, or about why your application has been denied or what to do next, you may wish to consult an experienced Ohio disability attorney.