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Ohio Social security disability claims rise since 2008

The year 2008 is generally considered to mark the beginning of the most recent economic recession to hit the United States. During the intervening years, many people in Ohio and around the nation lost their jobs, especially those in the manufacturing field. So, it is not a surprise that applications for government benefits are up; however, the rate at which they have grown in Ohio may be.

According to one analysis, the number of Ohioans who receive Social Security disability benefits rose some 28% between 2008 and 2013. That equates to an increase in raw numbers of 73,584 people, meaning over 353,000 residents of the state were receiving SSD in the latter year. This growth rate was the third highest in the country, trailing only Michigan and the District of Columbia. Comparatively, during the same five-year period, the national rate of SSD beneficiaries rose 20%. As of 2013, the estimate of the total number of recipients of disability benefits nationally was over 9 million.

Some claim that a large portion of these new SSD recipients are people who were working as laborers or in manufacturing and lost their jobs when the economy contracted. Some also say the disability system has become more lenient, allowing more people to qualify for benefits.

For whatever reason, it appears that SSD benefits are more important than ever before in helping Americans make ends meet. Those who have a physical disability that interferes with their ability to work may want to seek out more information on how they can qualify. An experienced Ohio disability attorney is one source for such advice.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch, “Disability benefits on rise in Ohio since 2008,” Mark Williams, March 13, 2015