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Cumulative trauma injuries and your rights in Ohio

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

You know that your workplace is supposed to be safe, and you don’t recall ever doing anything that should have left you with such severe injuries. What you could be suffering from is called a cumulative trauma injury, and it happens when small injuries add up, resulting in pain and additional injuries.

Take for instance minor injuries like tendonitis or multiple back injuries from lifting. At the time, you may only need a day or two off work, and you may then feel like you’re much better. Unfortunately, over time, these injuries can accumulate, causing you long-term damage. For instance, overuse of a tendon could eventually lead it to snap or require surgery.

A cumulative stress or cumulative trauma injury can be difficult to take to court, because there may not be much evidence of the minor injuries that led to this more serious injury. Some things can be linked to work — for instance, falling on the job — but cumulative trauma injuries can be attributed not only to work but also the things you do outside work. Because of that, it’s harder to prove where your injuries came from.

Fortunately, with help from someone familiar with cumulative injuries, you may be able to get the compensation you deserve. To learn more about cumulative trauma injuries and what you need to do when you’ve been injured over time at your job, please see our webpage on workers’ compensation. From stress fractures from repeated use of your arms or legs each day to torn tendons from twisting actions, there are plenty of injuries that can be attributed to your work; with the right evidence and statistics, you can prove your point in court.