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Can people that aren’t medicated for a mental disability get SSD?

Here in Ohio, and across the nation, it seems that instances of mental difficulties such as anxiety, depression and panic attacks are rising. Whether this is the result of changes in society, more widely disseminated information, better diagnosis or expanded definitions is anyone’s guess. While many people are able to function more or less normally with such conditions, sometimes they are severe enough to impact both one’s home and work life.

We have previously discussed how the Social Security Administration and the state agencies responsible for administering social security benefits law go about evaluating a disability’s severity. To refresh, the SSA uses information about your medical condition and your daily activities to evaluate your residual functional capacity, and make a determination as to whether you qualify for benefits.

So, people with psychological impairments may or may not qualify depending upon the severity of the impairment and how much it impacts their daily lives. For many types of mental health problems, medication is available that sometimes helps lessen the effects of the problem. Many times, however that medication has side effects that make people more or less willing to take it.

While certain psychological disorders, such as mental retardation, cannot be treated with medication, many of the more common types can. While it cannot be said definitively whether the absence of a medication regimen will compromise one’s disability claim, there is certainly a possibility that it could lead to a conclusion that the condition is not particularly disabling. This decision will vary depending on the person evaluating the claim. If you have questions about your own specific situation, you may wish to consider consulting an Ohio disability attorney.

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