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The top reasons for wrongful deaths and construction injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2014 | Wrongful Death

On-the-job safety is absolutely vital to a healthy workplace. No one wants to go to a workplace that is dangerous and could lead to injuries or death. Still, despite the number of regulations, the construction industry is still a dangerous one to work in. There are significant hazards that you, as a worker, face every day.

Did you know that of the 4,175 people who were killed in 2012 in the workplace, 806 of those happened in the construction industry? That is 19.3 percent of all workplace fatalities. Specifically, falls were responsible for the most deaths, with 34.6 percent of the deaths. Being hit by an object resulted in 9.8 percent of those fatalities. Being caught in machinery or between items resulted in 1.6 percent of the deaths that year, and electrocutions resulted in 8.1 percent of those deaths.

Fatalities aren’t the only issue in the workplace. There are also many dangers that can lead to permanent injuries or disabilities. Construction workers have higher rates of nonfatal injuries than in many other industries. In fact, construction workers had the seventh highest rate of nonfatal injuries and illnesses when industries were compared side by side. Falls were again the reason most people were injured, with 22 percent of the total injuries and illnesses being caused by them.

Because there are so many injuries, it’s no wonder so many workers’ compensation claims are made each year. Between 2005 and 2007, the average compensation claims cost for falls involving roofers and carpenters in the construction industry was $106,648. If you’ve been injured, don’t be shocked by the bills. These injuries are serious, and workers’ compensation is there to help you through them.

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