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Construction accidents and your rights as a citizen of Ohio

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2014 | Construction Accidents

Have you been hurt at work as a construction worker in Ohio? If you have been involved in an industrial accident, you’re not alone. Construction workers face danger on a daily basis, and serious work-related injuries can result if safety measures aren’t followed or other accidents happen. There are a series of regulations, inspection requirements and specifications along with job safety programs that aim to keep you safe but sometimes, they simply don’t.

If your injury wasn’t prevented, there are likely some ways you can recoup the costs you’ll be spending on your recovery. You deserve to be able to support yourself while you recover without having to worry about the basic necessities of life. Hazards like falls from scaffolding, falling machinery, electrocution or using damaged equipment should all be avoidable; when you’re placed in a dangerous situation and get hurt, you likely have a case against your employer and several others.

Did you know that it’s not only your employer who could be to blame after a construction accident? You may be able to seek compensation from a manufacturer, for instance, if its machinery had defects or a malfunction that left you injured. If a homeowner or property owner’s negligence resulted in your injuries, you may be able to take them to court as well. In many cases, you can seek a settlement, which could help you get money faster.

After an accident, your needs are the most important things. Get the attention you need for your injuries. Report them, get witness accounts and try to preserve the evidence at the scene. All of these aspects of the accident can help or hinder your case, so collecting everything you can to prove your injury was due to negligence or a lack of safety procedures is vital.

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