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Workers’ compensation in Ohio and your rights as a victim

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

In Ohio, workers’ compensation is in place to help those who are injured at work or while on the job. The system is designed to be beneficial to workers and employers, because it allows employees to pull money from a common fund while making an employer immune from full liability.

When you’re working at a place where you’re hurt and then take workers’ compensation, you’re surrendering the ability to receive full damages for your injury. The tradeoff is that you can receive your compensation more quickly, and this can help you cover bills and get medical care much faster.

Workers’ compensation is made to provide reasonable compensation following an injury. The goal of compensation through the Ohio workers’ compensation laws is to provide a reasonable amount of money, but that isn’t necessarily all the money that a person is owed due to their employer’s negligence. In cases where the employee is injured due to negligence, workers’ compensation may be beneficial but could block him from seeking as much money as he could have received.

When you’re hurt at work, you have a number of options for compensation that range from suing your employer to seeking workers’ compensation for care. Whether you were injured by being exposed to dangerous chemicals or had inadequate training, these options should both be open to you. If you’re being denied the right to compensation, then you may have to seek help from the courts.

To learn more about workers’ compensation and what it means for your rights after a workplace accident, you can visit our webpage on the subject. This money is there to help you, and you should have access when necessary.

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