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Ohio woman finally receives social security disability benefits

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2014 | Social Security Disability

The interplay between state and federal agencies when it comes to social security benefits can be complex and confusing to many residents of Ohio. Recently, one woman in the Dayton area found this out from personal experience.

This woman had contacted a local consumer aid organization, called the Ombudsman, to look into her social security disability benefits. Apparently, the State of Ohio had determined that the lady was eligible for Medicaid, but her application for Social Security Disability (SSD), was still pending a decision. In cases like this one, the state requires that the applicant submit to a medical review before she can be issued state-sponsored disability financial assistance.

After this review, Ohio decided that the woman was no longer disabled. She appealed that decision, claiming she had other medical conditions that were not considered during the medical review. Reportedly, the woman thought her appeal had been successful, but was not receiving the financial assistance, though she continued to receive Medicaid coverage. The Ombudsman reviewed the case, and contacted the appropriate state department. At that time it was agreed her disability financial assistance should be reinstated pending a new medical review.

Approximately six months after, the woman was notified her medical review had once again indicated she was not disabled. With help from the Ombudsman, it was determined that the new medical review had not taken into account only the same medical conditions as the previous review, not the new conditions that were a basis for the appeal. The reason this had happened was that the woman had signed a certain medical release, but had not signed additional forms necessary for the state to gather the required medical information. A second appeal was filed, which was won by the woman, and the correct forms were provided to her, which she executed in due course.

A few months later, the woman was notified by the federal government that she had qualified for SSD. Because of this, the state no longer required a medical review, and the woman received her benefits.

People who have an inability to work due to a medical condition should consider applying for disability benefits. As can be seen, however, the labyrinth of state and federal agencies and forms can be daunting. An experienced SSD attorney may be able to aid the disabled person in navigating the complex arena.

Source: daytondailynews.com, “After a few appeals, woman gets coverage,” , Aug. 13, 2014

Source: daytondailynews.com, “After a few appeals, woman gets coverage,” , Aug. 13, 2014