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Could doctors prevent brain damage with new drug?

Most people, after suffering a head injury, wonder if it could lead to brain damage. If it does, then that person is left with another looming question: will the damage temporarily disable me or will I be permanently disabled? Anyone would consider it an uneasy question to ask and even a more difficult one to answer.

That’s because, as some of our Ohio readers already know, head injuries vary in severity, meaning the extent of damage depends on the trauma. Pressure and oxygen deprivation are regarded as the top two causes of damage after a head injury.

But despite all of our medical advancements, doctors still do not have an effective way of reducing a person’s chances of suffering brain damage after being involved in a serious accident, such as a car crash. That is until quite recently.

Currently being used by the Defense Department to control bleeding in seriously injured soldiers, the drug Tranexamic Acid could soon find its way into ambulances and emergency rooms across the nation if a new study of the drug proves successful.

In a few months, a handful of hospitals across the nation will test the drug on patients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. If the drug can control bleeding elsewhere in the human body, the thought is that it could help control bleeding in the head after an injury as well. If successful, the drug could help prevent brain damage after a head trauma.

While this sounds like a promising prospect, it’s worth noting that whether this drug becomes a new treatment for TBIs will depend greatly on the results of the tests. Even then, an effective treatment could be months or years down the road, which may not come as good to some who may have questions about their own TBI at this time.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “New Brain Injury Medication To Be Tested In Minn.,” Kim Johnson, July 8, 2014