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Republic Steel in Ohio has minor explosion resulting in injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

You may have recently heard about three workers who were injured in an explosion at the Republic Steel in Lorain Township. Workplace accidents like this don’t happen often, but in this case, it led to all three people having to be life-flighted to local hospitals. If you’re hurt at work like these individuals, you may want to consider seeking compensation from workers’ compensation, just like they may want to do.

The Lorain Fire Department reported that they were called to the scene at Republic Steel at around 8:35 a.m., and emergency medical personnel also responded in order to treat three employees who had been injured.

The explosion happened suddenly at the plant. A water leak had allegedly occurred, and employees were investigating when a piece of metal fell into the furnace. That object led to a minor explosion that resulted in the employees being struck by flying metal pieces. Two of the employees suffered from burns due to the explosion and were taken to Mercy Hospital for treatment. The third allegedly suffered from a contusion due to the incident, according to Republic Steel.

Following the explosion, all of the employees had to be taken to the hospital by LifeCare. When asked about the incident, Republic Steel released a statement. The company stated that the explosion took place in the melt shop when the furnace was being restarted. It had been shut down over the weekend. While the company investigates the incident, it plans to keep the melt shop shut down.

In this case, multiple employees were hurt at work, and it’s now the company’s responsibility to make sure the incident is investigated fully. Republic Steel has started an investigation and is assessing damage, and fortunately, the company is looking into correcting the issue with the furnace.

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