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Worker in Ohio killed by auger

On Behalf of | May 26, 2014 | Wrongful Death

In Versailles, Ohio, a worker was recently killed in an accident. The fatal workplace accident took place at a company called Codino’s Limited Inc., and it happened in the afternoon on Tuesday, May 20. One of the officials who was asked said that he had never seen this type of accident, resulting in a death, in the past.

The call that was made to the emergency crews told them that the machine in question was an extruder. This is a food processing device that utilizes an auger. The auger then brings the foot through the device, into a high pressure area, so that the food can be cut.

The worker who was killed had somehow gotten caught and drawn into the machine. At the time of the emergency call, the crew was told that there was a possibility that he had been killed. The authorities are still investigating the accident scene to see what happened and who was at fault.

The company makes pasta-based dishes. They have been in business, according to their own website, for around five decades.

Neighbors to the company said that they knew that something bad had happened when all of the emergency vehicles began to arrive. Multiple EMS vehicles showed up after the initial call was put in. They said that they hoped it was not serious, but that was before they knew the extent of the man’s injuries.

A death while on the job can have huge financial implications for the worker’s family. If the fault falls on the employer for unsafe practices or negligence, though, they could be responsible for some of this cost.

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