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Ohio educator left with injuries after armed-assault drill

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

No matter how it happens, an injury at work is still the responsibility of your employer. If you fall on unmarked wet floors, hit your head on unmarked low ceilings, or cut yourself on dangerous equipment, you deserve to get the medical treatment you need and the pay you deserve for your on the job injuries. You might not yet have heard about this story of a teacher in Boardman, but you may be able to understand his plight.

According to the April 9 news report, the Boardman, Ohio, instructor was injured during a armed-intruder drill at the school. He’s now seeking more than $125,000 in damages for his injuries. The negligence lawsuit is just a little bit shocking. The man was playing a role as a distraught parent during the drill. At that point, the 59-year-old man was allegedly tackled to the floor during the simulation, causing him to break his shoulder and hip.

During the simulation, the teacher entered the building as the armed-intruder suspect. He was taken down by the police captain, who is now a defendant in the case. The 59-year-old teacher claims that the police, school, and township were reckless in their supervision of the drill, and he claims it was negligent behavior that left him injured.

The teacher reports that it seems like the blame is being pushed around, but the fact is that he’s getting calls about medical bills that he needs to pay. He has had surgery on his hip following the incident, and he spent 13 days in the hospital for recovery. He may need another surgery this year, too, which will add to the money required for medical procedures alone.

The news had been told that the police and others were supposed to treat the scenario like a real situation. No one was aware of who was playing a suspect in the scenario, according to reports. However, that has led to serious injury during what looks like an overzealous attempt to complete the training.

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