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Man killed in construction accident with press and roller

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2014 | Wrongful Death

Work-related accidents can be serious at construction and industrial sites. If you’ve lost a loved one due to an accident at the site, then you’re likely now facing funeral costs, medical bills, and other decisions while still mourning your family member. Your loved one’s tragic wrongful death can’t be reversed, but with some help, you may be able to recoup some costs.

A recent case from March 13 reported that a man was killed in a heavy equipment accident in Logan County. Readers in Ohio may have been familiar with the company he worked for, Stark Truss. The man allegedly dropped a hammer and was trying to pick it up when he was caught between a press and roller being used by coworkers. They claimed they did not know he was still there at the site when they moved the roller. His chest was crushed in the accident.

The man died at the scene, according to the sheriff’s department. The man was a resident of Mexico, according to the news, but he was staying in Russellville while working with Stark Truss in Kentucky. The man, who was married to a woman who lives in Mexico, began working for the company in February. Now, his uncle has had to claim the body and is working to cremate it and have it sent back to the country.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the death at the moment, but no criminal charges are expected. The company allegedly reported the fatality appropriately, and the Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Program investigator was at the site on March 12. According to the report, the investigator claims the company has never had any citations for safety violations within the last five years. It wasn’t discussed how, if at all, the family would be compensated for their loss.

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