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OSHA to investigate Franklin, Ohio, company

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

Recently, an industrial accident in Franklin, Ohio, drew the attention of the OSHA. The workplace accident has allegedly begun to be investigated by the OSHA, and an investigator had been sent to Burrows Paper Corporation following the incident. According to the story, a woman was injured, resulting in the investigation.

The story from Feb. 19 indicated that the OSHA attended to the company because of a woman’s injuries being reported. The woman had allegedly fallen and had been bleeding heavily at the scene. Medics had to be called to the plant at around 12:03 p.m. on Feb. 18, according to the story, and the police reported that the woman had suffered from a leg laceration. She was taken to the Atrium Medical Center for the treatment she needed.

How long an investigation will take is hard to determine, but in 2010, the same plant was investigated for an amputation inspection and had no citations. It’s possible, though, that in four years, there could have been problems that arose. The inspection had involved shears, saws, presses, guarding, and lockout systems on machines.

The company had been inspected before, according to the story. Between 1996 and 2004, it had allegedly received citations as a result of 11 different inspections at the Shotwell Drive location. The company claims it puts its workers’ safety first. As of Feb. 19, no one had spoken to the injured woman, but the president and chief operating officer claimed that the injury wasn’t as severe as they had first thought and that the woman was doing well.

Despite the fact that the injury may not have been as bad as expected, the worker should never have been hurt in the first place. She was allegedly an experienced worker. The company hasn’t reported how the incident happened.

Source: Journal-News, “OSHA to investigate Franklin accident” Ed Richter, Feb. 19, 2014