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Applying for SSD benefits could take awhile

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2013 | Social Security Disability

When a person becomes disabled, she or he may feel like there is nowhere to turn, especially if the debilitating injury happened while the person was working. If your job is suddenly lost to an injury, it is likely that workers’ compensation can only cover so much for so long. This is when individuals often consider applying for Social Security Disability benefits. The problem with this is that individuals who file an application are often in need of the benefits immediately. This is when the backlogged system can be extremely frustrating.

The process of applying for SSD is usually not cut and dry. According to reports, two out of three applicants are denied on the national level, meaning that most people who will apply for it in Franklin, Ohio, will not be approved. After being denied though, there are options. But first, a discussion about the initial application is important. During this phase, the Social Security Administration will ask an applicant about physical and mental limitations, work history, medical treatment and daily habits. An examination may be scheduled by the SSA in order to determine the validity of an applicant’s claims and to discern what sort of disabling conditions the person has.

After the examination, consultants assess the individual and determine if she or he is truly disabled. At some point during this process, most people are passed over for benefits based on varying reasons. This is when an applicant can file for reconsideration or ask for a hearing in front of a judge. In most cases, the delay between being denied and receiving a hearing can be lengthy, sometimes a year or longer. Even if a person wins benefits at this point, it will still take months for her or him to begin receiving them. If you believe that you have a condition that will allow you to claim SSD benefits and you want to file an application, speak with a lawyer about the process. She or he may be able to make sure that you do it right the first try, potentially allowing you to access benefits sooner.

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