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Work injuries can lead to disability

If you have been injured at work, you may be confused as to the differences or similarities between Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) and workers’ compensation benefits. While you may be eligible for benefits from both types of program as a result of your injury, there are very specific requirements for each. 

For workers’ compensation, the most important requirement is that the injury be work related. If you were hurt playing softball on the weekend, you will not be eligible for worker’s compensation. For SSDI, the source of the injury is not important, but it must be so severe that it leaves you unable to engage in any gainful employment. 

A recent study finds that working at an amusement park has the highest nationwide rate of injury involving days of job transfer or restriction. Unsurprisingly, animal slaughtering and process was second. Beverage manufacturing and foundries tied for third.

Some types of work are much more likely to result in a worker becoming injured and potentially disabled. Foundries, mining and logging are all dangerous industries and a worker could easily be hurt in a manner that leaves them permanently disabled.

Other types of work also present dangers. A nurse’s aid who has to lift many residents of nursing home or long-term health care facility could easily suffer a back injury that could leave them unable to continue in that line of work. They may not qualify for more sedentary types of work and could find themselves permanently disabled. 

Contact a disability attorney if you have questions about applying for SSDI.

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