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VA clears nearly 3,000 from huge backlog of disability claims

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has struggled for years with a backlog of cases. Two recent wars, ongoing action by the military and aging veterans of the Vietnam war have made disabilities a common concern for many of our nation’s servicemembers.

In addition, increasing knowledge about traumatic brain injuries, emotional disabilities like post-traumatic stress disorder and other scientific advancements have allowed the medical community to diagnose disabilities with more accuracy.

This has led to many veterans needing and qualifying for VA disability benefits. That, in turn, has led to a backlog of cases and has resulted in many veterans waiting for years before they are able to claim disability benefits, even if their cases are relatively clear.

The VA has now made it a priority to reduce this backlog. In Ohio, the extra effort seems to be at least somewhat effective, as in the last several months the backlog has been reduced by 2,800 claims, according to the head of the Cleveland VA’s regional office. Longer hours and an increased focus on claims that have been pending for two or more years has resulted in some veterans finally obtaining much-needed disability insurance for injuries that resulted from their service to the country.

The reduction in Ohio is part of a nationwide initiative by the VA to reduce the backlog of cases. The goal is to reduce the national backlog by the hundred of thousands before the year 2016.

Whether a civilian seeking Social Security Disability Insurance benefits or a veteran seeking the same under the VA, the wait time can be brutal on a disabled person who needs that insurance money to meet basic needs. People seeking disability benefits should contact an experienced disability benefits attorney to ensure they put forth the best claim possible.

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