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Be sure to pursue the disability benefits you need

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2013 | Social Security Disability

A number of workers in Franklin, Ohio, may be exposed to potential hazards on a regular basis. These hazards can cause serious harm to the employees and without proper precautions, that harm can result in long-lasting damage. When a workplace accident is too serious for a person to recover from, she or he may apply for Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits can be extremely helpful to someone who has lost the ability to generate as much income as she or he once did.

SSD benefits can be hard to acquire from time to time, especially right now when the Social Security Administration is struggling to maintain its funds. Though funding concerns many Americans, it does not mean that individuals who are disabled should avoid applying. Many people will hire an attorney when applying for such benefits to make sure that they are navigating the system properly. Legal professionals who specialize in workers’ compensation and disability benefits often have the expertise necessary to get an applicant the benefits she or he needs now that a permanent injury has occurred.

Many questions arise when considering the option of SSD. One of these considers the five-month waiting period that comes with benefits. In order for a person to be considered for disability benefits, she or he must be disabled for five months. This waiting period allows the administration to determine who is in need of benefits the most. Once the five months are up, benefits may begin six months after the day that the applicant became disabled. After this, benefits will last as long as the person can prove that they are necessary. If the person cannot work and the medical condition has not improved, the SSA will continue providing disability payments. From time to time, a person’s benefits will be reviewed and if those benefits last until retirement age, they will be converted into retirement payments.

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