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What if you don’t have disability insurance?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2013 | Qualifying For SSD/SSI Benefits

Most people have various types of insurance. If you own a car, you are required by Ohio to carry a minimum level of insurance. Many working people have health insurance and if you own a home, you insure the structure and the contents. A large number of people have life insurances. But most people do not have disability insurance, as it can be very expensive and most people never expect to become disabled.

What can you do if you have become disabled and no longer can work? Well, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has a program that can help, known as Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) that can help provide some income for the disabled.

The process of filing the application is detailed, as you have to provide all of the medical documentation necessary to demonstrate your disabling condition. You also have to provide information on your education and work history.

The SSA will use this information to determine if you meet their definition of disabled and are eligible to receive benefit payments from the program. The application can be daunting, depending on the type of disabling medical condition, you suffer from, and how well the claim is documented.

You need to provide your medical records as they relate to your disabling condition and all of the names, address and phone numbers of your doctors and any hospitals or other medical facilities where you have received treatment.

SSA also wants to see your work history to determine if your are capable of any other type of work. Many claims for SSDI are denied, often because of incomplete or missing documents or information.

An attorney can help you put together your application and help avoid unnecessary delays.

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