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Construction worker dies, police issue reminder to drivers

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2012 | Construction Accidents

The recent death of a 53-year-old Ohio Turnpike Commission construction worker in Sandusky County, Ohio, has the state highway patrol urging drivers to be more careful. The man’s death occurred after he was part of an accident involving a vehicle. No cause has been determined as of yet, so no charges have been filed.

According to reports, approximately 5,000 construction accidents such as this happen each year. This, along with the recent tragedy, has led at least one member of the Ohio Highway Patrol to speak out.

Speaking directly to drivers throughout the state, he said that people can choose to slow down, leave extra room, not text and follow the instructions on signs in a work zone. If they do not, they may be subjected to the increased punishments present in work zones.

As most drivers probably already know, fines are doubled in construction zones. That means speeding tickets and any other misdemeanors that occur in a work zone will have twice the cost to the accused driver. Also, any injuries caused in a work zone may lead to criminal charges.

A report from the state highway patrol said that at least one of the safety precautions in place did help to make the fatal accident better than it could have been. Flaggers who watch the construction site for any danger are equipped with an air horn that they are supposed to sound if a hazard appears. This tactic allowed one worker to avoid the accident that claimed his co-worker’s life. But this is cold comfort to the victim’s family.

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