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Ohio construction accident leaves man severely injured

When a worker is injured on the job, one of the first things to consider, after the pain of the injury itself, is whether to file for workers’ compensation. A man who recently suffered injuries in a construction accident in Lisbon, Ohio, may now be wondering the same thing.

Earlier this month, a man was working on the roof of a building designated for governmental employees. The building is located on Route 45 in Lisbon between Consumer’s Bank on Dickey Drive and the nearby Dollar General. Co-workers of the man, who is reportedly in his 20s, were using a hole in the building’s roof to transport goods from the second floor to the top of the building to hasten the pace of work. Around 2 p.m., the man accidentally fell through the hole, dropping 16 feet onto the second floor.

He was knocked unconscious by the fall. Lisbon emergency responders, including the local police and fire departments, arrived on scene, and an ambulance took the man to Salem Community Hospital. His injuries were reportedly serious. The man’s name has not been released as of yet. Reports have also not declared which construction contractor the injured man is employed by.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will likely investigate the occurrence. Another investigation has already begun in order to determine the cause of the accident. If blame can be placed upon the employer, whichever contractor was in charge of the employee may see a hefty fine. OSHA has been known to assign safety training classes to employers as well.

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