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Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation holds honorary ceremony

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2011 | Workers' Compensation

In Ohio, more than five million people head to work each day. Unfortunately, workplace accidents claim the lives of some of those people each year. In an effort to recognize those people, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation decided to honor the 145 men and women who lost their lives while on the job in the past year.

The honorary ceremony was held in Columbus, Ohio, prior to Labor Day weekend. All of the 145 individuals honored during the Fallen Workers Memorial had lost their lives within the past year while on the job. The ceremony provided the first-ever tribute to those that had become victim to a workplace fatality, according to a spokesperson with the bureau.

Though this ceremony was respectful toward those that had lost their lives while on the job, it also shows how widespread the tragedy of workplace fatality really is. Losing a loved one to a workplace accident is something that no one ever hopes to experience. While no amount of money can ever replace a loved one, the families of some of these workers may have decided to file for death benefits from a worker’s employer.

Fortunately, not all workplace accidents result in death. However, many workers who are injured on the job have a difficult struggle ahead of them. They may be required to take off work to recover or may be unable to return to their job altogether. In these situations, filing for workers’ compensation can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with being unable to work. However, filing a claim can be complicated, and some employers may try to avoid having to pay. This is why injured workers may want to consider seeking advice from an experienced Columbus attorney.

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