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Workers’ compensation benefits protected for NFL players

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2011 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation exists to help ensure that employees receive the financial compensation they need if they are injured while they are working. In addition to providing immediate financial support with medical bills, workers’ compensation can also help ensure that employees who are injured have the long-term financial support they need if their injuries impact their ability to return to work.

Unfortunately, many employers try to do whatever they can to prevent employees from receiving the benefits they need. Conversely, employees throughout Columbus and their lawyers work aggressively to help ensure employees are able to receive the workers’ compensation benefits they need.

Among a number of other issues, workers’ compensation for NFL players was one of the main issues on the chopping block as the two sides strived to work out a new agreement.

Under the new collective bargaining agreement, the National Football League will allow players to file workers’ compensation claims in states where their teams are not based. Although the loophole has existed for some time, the league tried desperately to remove that option during their recent negotiations.

One NFL player explained that the league was trying to create a new system that restricted the workers’ compensation benefits available. The players, however, fought back. The quarterback stated that workers’ compensation is a “major benefit when it comes to long-term health care, and [the players] will never let [the league] restrict our health and safety long term.”

As the workers’ compensation laws are currently written, injured players may file for benefits from another state as long as they played at least one game in that state. Workers’ compensation laws vary among states, so players may be more likely to receive benefits in one state than in another.

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