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Teens Put Their Lives on Hold to Save Vital SSDI Benefits for their Families

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2010 | Social Security Disability

The past couple years have been exceptionally difficult for a large number of families across the United States. Many of those who were already feeling serious financial strain now wonder how they will make it through each day, let alone much into the future. Every financial decision is made with careful thought and consideration.

Many teenagers across the country are old enough and aware enough to understand their family’s financial situation and are taking on extra burdens instead of living a carefree teenage childhood. Disabled teens nationwide have chosen to forgo finding employment because they fear losing the Social Security Disability income that their families desperately rely on.

One young 15-year-old girl drifted to her own world as she told reporters about her dream to become an animation artist in Japan. She quickly snapped back to reality and said that getting a job that could lead her to her dream is out of the question for the time being. Her family relies on the $600 per month they receive in disability benefits from the federal government. The disability check amounts to 50 percent of her family’s income.

“If I work and I get a certain amount, then they’ll take money away from my mom. She needs it. I don’t want my mom’s money to go down,” she simply stated. The young girl is just one of many teens who feel like they can’t find work because for every $2 they earn after $85, $1 is deducted from their SSI check, and if they make too much, they could lose their disabled status.

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