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Department of Veterans Affairs Makes Access Easier for Ohio Vets

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2010 | Social Security Disability

The Department of Veterans Affairs has finally caught up with technology and launched an Internet site available to Ohio veterans and their families. The Internet site was launched as a part of a program called Veterans Relationship Management aimed at making veterans’ access to health care and benefits information much less frustrating and confusing.
Founders of the Veterans Relationship Management hope that by the end of 2010, veterans will experience improved telephone service when they contact a call center and be able to reach a live agent without being put on hold. Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Eric. K. Shinseki promised that “veterans will have a better experience when they contact VA for assistance, and our employees will be able to quickly convey accurate, up-to-date information through call centers and the internet.”  

The Veterans Relationship Management program resulted from collaboration with the Department of Defense to provide a single sign-on capability that provides the user with the ability to complete transactions without ever having to re-enter any information. Ohio’s regional office located in Cleveland, Ohio provides many services to disabled veterans including vocational rehabilitation, employment and insurance benefits and pension.

Veterans that are injured while on active duty, military naval or air, receive disability compensation for those injuries or disabilities caused by the injuries. However, in the past, information necessary to file for those benefits had been stressful to obtain causing frustrating delays in the process. Veterans Relationship Management is only one of the initiatives launched to correct the problems. The Department of Veterans Affairs said that it plans to “transform veteran’s interactions with VA by using innovative 21st century technologies.”

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