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What Is A Statute Of Limitations?

A statute of limitations is when there is a limit put on how much time there is between unlawful events and when someone files a lawsuit as to what happened. A statute of limitations is in the realm of the laws of your state. So that means each state is different when it comes to this statute. Some have one year, two years, depending on where you live. You must contact a workers compensation attorney because they will be able to provide more insight on this.

Upon your complaint, infractions have a date when they do expire. These can include defaulting on a loan or negligence, just to name a few. The statutes of limitations are in place due to the time frame.

There will be a statute of limitations if a person is bringing a civil suit against someone else. Clients who have filed civil suits should consult with an attorney who is familiar with what is going on. They will be able to help you calculate the time frame.

So if you had a personal injury due to a car accident or construction accident, unsafe conditions or something else, you only have so much time to file a lawsuit for that. After the time has expired, you will not be allowed to file a lawsuit for injuries incurred.

With a statute of limitations, each state has certain time limits for various cases of personal injury claims. Depending on the law of your state, when the injury involves someone under 18 years old, the charges cannot be filed until they have turned 28. If it is medical malpractice, the time may be brief in regard to a minor.

For a claim against the government, they should usually be filed within the first two months of the injury. This applies to any level of government.

Having a personal injury attorney to help with this is very important. The legal jargon can be confusing and complex to a normal person. The disability attorney in your state would be able to assist you with what you need to do before the deadline to file a claim has passed.