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Can I Be Fired For Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Many people who suffer on-the-job injuries have serious concerns about what will happen if they file a workers’ compensation claim. Especially in a persistently tough job market, worry over whether you will be terminated because you reported an accident and sought benefits is understandable. You may also wonder if your employer can let you go because you cannot work for an extended period of time.

At the Philip J. Fulton Law Office in Columbus, Ohio, a deeply experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will offer clear, dependable guidance on your rights and risks. Attorney Philip Fulton actively practices, writes and blogs, teaches, and advocates for workers’ rights in this complex area of law. Mr. Fulton and attorney David Barnhart have also received many honors and awards from prestigious legal organizations.

What Legal Protections Do You Have Under Ohio Law?

Every workers’ compensation case is unique in some respects — and every injured worker’s situation must be carefully evaluated. Essential considerations for you may include:

  • Ohio workers’ compensation law contains a specific statute prohibiting punitive action by an employer against an employee for pursuing a claim or testifying in a hearing.
  • A person who is receiving workers’ compensation benefits can be terminated if the employer takes this action while treating him or her the same as other employees.
  • Other aspects of the law address issues such as returning to employment in a different job, threats and intimidation intended to prevent you from filing a claim, and other important matters.

Fired For Filing A Claim? Other Workers’ Comp Questions? Get Help Now.

An attorney at our firm will gladly evaluate your case and offer counsel if you are wondering whether to file a claim, dealing with problems getting benefits or questioning whether your firing violated your workers’ compensation rights. The important thing is that you act now to get that guidance.

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