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Ohio ranks fifth among states in workplace deaths

Fatal workplace accidents are an unwelcome aspect of an industrialized society. According to figures recently released by the United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, Ohio had the fifth highest statewide total of fatal workplace injuries in 2015, the most recent year for which such numbers are available. A review of the statistics for Ohio and the nation at large reveals some interesting patterns.

Helping you claim benefits after suffering a workplace injury

Residents in Ohio work in a variety of industries. While some workplaces are considerably safer than others, this does not mean that an employee cannot endure a workplace injury even in the safest environment. Whether it is carrying out the daily tasks in a high-risk position, such as construction, or working in an office setting doing repetitive motions, a worker could suddenly suffer an injury in the work environment that could cause them to miss work for an extensive amount of time.

Trench collapses threaten workers with injury or death

Ohio workers who build sewers or work on other jobs that require them to remain below the surrounding grade for many hours are constantly threatened by collapse of the soil and rock around them. In three separate incidents involving Ohio construction companies, the failure to provide adequate precautions against such workplace accidents have resulted in one death, one serious injury and a citation for violating the regulation that requires the use of cribs, shoring and other safety measures to prevent trenches from collapsing.

Ohio bakery fined for failing to remove safety hazard

To the average Ohioan, bakeries do not seem especially hazardous places to work. This perception may be changed by charges leveled at an Ohio wholesale bakery by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration after an employee suffered a severe workplace injury.

Opioid use more heavily regulated for injured Ohio workers

For those suffering from a workplace injury, there can be severe pain associated with the incident. It can often be too debilitating for a person to enjoy everyday activities, let alone be able to work after workplace injury. Work injuries can happen in multiple ways and in different injuries. What many have in common is that oftentimes injured workers have to rely on opioid pain relievers in order to manage their pain.

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