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Rep. Giffords and her recovery from the traumatic brain injury

Ohio workers should be prepared for the long-term effects of traumatic brain injurys. If the traumatic brain injury was caused by dangerous work conditions or an on-the-job injury, workers' compensation benefits can be key in being prepared for long periods without work and lifelong incapacities.

Man receives compensation after brain injury at security job

In Ohio, when employees are injured while they are working, their employers are often responsible for providing workers' compensation if they are unable to work. The amount they can receive depends on a variety of factors, including how severely they were injured and the details surrounding their accidents.

Immediate nutrition fosters recovery in Ohio brain injury victims

In recent posts, we have written about the most effective treatment for traumatic brain injurys. From football players to military personnel and car accident victims, the scope of individuals who suffer from traumatic brain injurys is large.

Receiving benefits for brain injurys caused by work injuries

In our last post, we wrote about former NFL player who committed suicide after suffering from a severe brain injury for years. Shane Dronett, like many professional football players, sustained repeated blows to the head as part of his job. Unfortunately, because he did not realize the hits caused a brain disease - chronic traumatic encephalopathy - so he did not apply for workers' compensation.

Repetitive hits to the head can cause brain injurys

You may be aware of the attention concussions and brain injurys have received in the Ohio media and from the government. Medical research continuously shows that individuals who suffer repeated head injuries are at risk for severe brain injurys.

Rehabilitative therapy for TBI may be covered by insurance

In an earlier post, we discussed the type of intensive rehabilitation therapy Rep. Gabrielle Giffords would require after getting shot in the head. Because Giffords was shot while she was working, the expensive treatment for her traumatic brain injury (TBI) was covered by workers' compensation.

Columbus Military Training Exercise Kills One Soldier, Injures Four Others

It may be unfamiliar to some, but enrolling with the military is just like accepting a position with a corporation. The military is a job where soldiers earn wages, are given time off and sometimes suffer from work-related injuries. A veteran soldier died this month from a head injury suffered in a training exercise that left four others injured.

Workplace Injuries and Illnesses Decrease Nationwide

In a news statement made by the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics released late last week, Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis announced that the number of nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses that occur among private industry employers has declined.

FACT: Approximately 1.7 Million People Suffer TBI

The three words "traumatic brain injury" makes it sound like a rare occurrence, one that would be extremely easy to detect. However, traumatic brain injury is much more common and can be very elusive. Approximately 1.7 million Americans per year suffer from some form of traumatic brain injury each year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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