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Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions Archives

Mental health claims can qualify for SSD benefits

When a person catches a cold or is feeling otherwise tired or un-well, they often check in with their body to see if there is something going on that's causing them illness or injury. However, mental health isn't always treated the same. Mental health is just as important as physical health but is often overlooked by the general public. Luckily, Social Security Disability benefits are not as biased.

Depression may qualify an applicant for disability benefits

Depression is a serious mental illness that can deprive a person of their ability to enjoy life, maintain their health and hold down a job. Ohio residents who struggle with depression understand the severe impact that it can have on one's own life and that of their family. In some situations, depression may be so serious that it qualifies its victims for disability benefits.

Are disability benefits available for mental conditions?

If you are aware that Social Security Disability benefits may be available for individuals suffering from a disabling mental health condition, you may wonder what mental conditions qualify for benefits and how to access benefits. Social Security Disability benefits for mental conditions are generally available in the same way that Social Security Disability benefits are available for disabling physical medical conditions.

Can I file for Social Security Disability for memory loss?

There are many causes of memory loss, including brain injurys, aging, medications, depression or excess stress, in Ohio and throughout the country. This condition may cause confusion, erratic moo9d changes, misplace items or difficulty following directions. Memory loss can interfere with one's ability to work, and if someone is suffering from severe symptoms, they may qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

Disability benefits for children with autism

Social Security disability benefits are not limited to adults. Children in Ohio with qualifying disabilities, such as autism, may be evaluated by the Social Security Administration (SSA) as well. The SSA will generally determine the level of a child's impairment by comparing their mental functioning to other children of the same age who do not have impairments.

Social Security disability benefits for anxiety disorders

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress, however it can also be a debilitating mental disorder that interferes with one's ability to work. In that case, filing for disability may be a good option.

Adults with Autism: may qualify for disability benefits

Social Security disability benefits are available to those who suffer from qualifying medical conditions, both physical and mental. The Social Security Administration defines an eligible candidate as a person who isn't able to work due to a long-term medical condition - lasting more than a year - or one that could lead to death. One particular mental condition that may qualify for benefits is Autism.

SSDI benefits for children with intellectual disability

For many people in Ohio, disabilities are caused by injuries or illnesses, afflicting primarily adults. On occasion, however, conditions that manifest themselves in childhood can be the basis for an award of disability benefits. One such condition is an "intellectual disability," formerly called mental retardation. In this post, we will review the fundamentals of Social Security Disability benefits for this condition.

SSDI benefits for anxiety disorders

Many people in Ohio suffer from the emotional or mental disorder known as anxiety or stress. Sometimes, the effects of this disorder can interfere with a person's ability to work, In this post, we will review the requirements of the Social Security Administration or SSA for obtaining disability benefits for personality disorders related to stress and anxiety.

Obtaining disability benefits for mental illness

Many people in Ohio think of a disability in terms of an illness or injury that interferes with a person's physical ability to work. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration ("SSA") takes a much broader view of the concept of "disability/" Persons suffering from mental illness can obtain social security disability benefits for mental conditions if they can meet the SSA's requirements.

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