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Employer cannot help without workers' compensation coverage

Companies in Ohio are required to have workers' compensation coverage in order to cover the costs of any unexpected injuries that might occur to employees while on the job. This is a very important form of coverage that is legally necessary-not possessing such insurance could leave some employees without any way to recoup the costs of taking time off to recover from an injury. Workplace injuries vary in severity and can leave an employee unable to work for days, weeks, months, even years. This is why workers' compensation is so important.

Understanding workers' compensation benefits

When a worker in Columbus, Ohio, gets injured on the job and needs time off, he or she may expect workers' compensation benefits to cover the incident. This is likely but work comp benefits may not always last as long as individuals needs them in order to recover.

"Scope of Employment" includes carrying pepperoni and pizza sauce supply

When an employee is injured on the job, one of the first determinations that is made in a hearing to obtain workers' compensation benefits is whether or not the employee was acting within the "scope of employment."

Ohio chiropractor indicted after defrauding Bureau of Workers' Compensation

The Bureau of Workers' Compensation was set up to assist injured employees in their time of need by providing necessary funding to help them through the period during which they cannot work. When a person makes fraudulent claims for workers' compensation benefits, it actually takes funding away from those who need it.

Legislators Aim at Workers' Compensation Reform to Boost Employment

Unemployment rates have hit record highs across the nation during the current economic recession, and state legislators have been focusing a significant amount of energy on ways to create more jobs and return the unemployment rates to the low numbers they were in the past couple decades.

New OSHA Leadership in the Hot Seat, Critics Cannot Agree on Injury Reporting

In the past few years, the leadership at the Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, known more commonly as OSHA, has been completely revamped. The Obama administration brought in completely new officials to run the agency and focus on the issue of companies that violate workplace injury reporting rules.

Injured Employees Must be Compensated for Earnings from Second Job

In today's economy, many people have more than one job. So if an employee is injured at one job to the extent that he or she is unable to work at the other, it seems unfair - and financially damaging - to only receive workers' compensation for one job's wages.

Workers Prevented From Suing Employers in Most Cases, Part 2

In our last post, we discussed the general idea of employees suing employers for intentional torts under a common law exception to the immunity an employer receives in the workers' compensation system. In this post, we will discuss the Ohio Supreme Court opinions from earlier this year that seem to help narrow that exception.

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