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New technology allows some paralyzed people to walk again

The plight of people who have sustained spinal cord injuries is well known to many in Ohio. Researchers seem to be looking for cures to the condition almost constantly, with new reports of medical and scientific steps forward being released regularly. Many victims of a spinal cord injury simply want to walk again -- a feat that many others in this world take for granted.

Spinal cord injury scarring could be limited, study says

One of the most debilitating injuries a person can experience is a spinal cord injury. Car accidents, slip-and-fall incidents, many other adverse events - the number of situations in which a person can become exposed to a spinal cord injury are higher than most people think and this is alarming to some in Ohio.

Spinal cord injuries can happen at the workplace

A workplace accident can happen at any time. This means that workers in Ohio should be concerned about the safety environment that their employer cultivates. If an employer has employees break known safety precautions and an accident happens, it is likely that the company will be liable for any injuries.

Man receives spinal cord injury 16 years ago, does not lose hope

Employees in Columbus, Ohio, may be worried that they will one day become the victim of a workplace injury. Even worse, it could be one that leaves them incapable of supporting themselves and their families. One such injury that could do this is a spinal cord injury. The effects of this have left many paralyzed and unable to do much for themselves, let alone head back to work.

New spinal treatment may help paralyzed workers return to job

A new treatment may be in the works for individuals in Ohio and beyond who have received a life-altering injury. Anyone who has suffered a serious spinal cord injury knows that the effects can be everlasting. For those who received the injury while on the job, workers' compensation may have been sought and obtained, but for many, no amount of money can replace the abilities they lost when they were injured.

An Unusual Animal Gives Those Who Were Paralyzed Hope to Walk Again

When a worker is injured on the job, it can prevent them from earning badly needed wages from their job. When a worker suffers a spinal cord injury, the consequences are extremely serious. A spinal cord injury can cause partial or complete paralysis. New research presented at November's Society for Neuroscience meeting gives hope that those who have been paralyzed in an accident may be able to walk again.

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