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Ohio woman may have lied to qualify for disability benefits

There are many people in Ohio and around the nation who face the pain, economic hardship and social stigma of being considered disabled. This could be due to a physical disease or injury or a mental health issue that interferes with their ability to interact with others or get through an average day.

What's the difference between workers' compensation SSD benefits?

Ohio residents may be aware that people who have been injured, and, due to the severity of their conditions, cannot work, may be eligible to receive certain government benefits. There are a few programs geared to ensuring that those who are too disabled to work have some safety net that will allow them to support themselves in some fashion. Two of these programs are worker's compensation and Social Security Disability (SSD). The question may then arise: what is the difference between these two programs?

Annual COLA of Social Security Disability to be under 2 percent

Ohio residents should be aware that every year, the federal government changes the amount of benefits it pays out through the Social Security System to retirees and those who qualify for Social Security Disability. This change, called a "Cost of Living Adjustment" (COLA), is meant to keep the purchasing power of the benefits paid roughly the same year to year. This adjustment began in the mid-1970s due to high inflation rates that were beginning to impoverish many people receiving benefits.

Social Security Disability record system out of date

A report released recently alleges that the system used to create and organize records for the Social Security Disability program are antiquated and rely too heavily on hand written documents. According to an unidentified inspector general, the old records, coupled with the fact that they are not integrated for electronic screening, invites cases of fraud.

Firefighter seeks compensation for his disabilities in Ohio

As a worker, you expect that your workplace will be filled with equally trained and careful workers. One person forgetting about safety can cause on the job injuries and even deaths. A case like this led to one man being severely hurt and disabled, and now he's having to fight for his right to compensation and liability.

Disability benefits can require a great deal of work to obtain

A great number of illnesses and medical conditions can leave an individual disabled. A stroke can partially paralyze one side of a body, lung cancer can limit the amount of physical activity one is capable of and back injuries can make it impossible to lift significant weight or remain on one's feet for long hours.

A fast track for your SSDI application

If you have suffered a disabling injury or illness and can no longer work, you know how important it is to obtain help. You need medical assistance to help with your medical condition, and because you cannot work, you also need financial assistance. You may even be aware of programs such as the Social Security Administration's (SSA) disability insurance program.

A benefit beyond the beneficiaries

In Ohio, federal benefits programs are often a person's last option. They make a claim for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) after they have become incapacitated because of a injury or an illness. It may be worker who suffers from lung cancer or heart disease and can no longer work because of effects of the disease. Or a healthcare aid that has injured her back after years of lifting patients in and out of bed, and now can no longer meet the lifting requirements of the job.

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