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Workers are often exposed to potentially damaging situations

A brain or spine injury can happen to anyone, anywhere. This is a scary but important realization that many people in Franklin, Ohio, have not come to terms with. Severe brain and spinal cord injuries are often life-changing and may require permanent caretaking for the victim. This often means that their life and the lives of loved ones are changed forever.

Even mild brain injurys can cause long-lasting damage

Researchers have discovered that even slight brain injurys can be extremely destructive and potentially deadly. Previously, many perceived that only severely traumatic brain injurys (TBI) could cause catastrophic changes in victims but a new study has determined otherwise.

New study reveals link between brain injury and infarctions

A study conducted by Sentient NeuroCare Services has revealed new information about traumatic brain injurys. According to the report, mild to severe vasospasm is seen in some victims of brain injury. This condition is associated with subarachnoid hemorrhages and it can cause certain areas of tissue to die due to a decreased supply of blood. Researchers believe that these factors should be monitored and could lead to conditional differences in care for patients.

Study says brain injurys, herbicides linked to Parkinson's

The media has made people living in Ohio and other states readily aware of Parkinson's disease. The condition is one that has a large amount of media coverage but not enough scientific data to determine its true cause. Many researchers have worked on studies in an attempt to connect the dots and pinpoint the instigators of the detrimental disease that causes individuals to lose coordination and have tremors.

Brain injuries can happen on the job

One of the injuries that doctors and researchers understand the least is the brain injury. Despite its complex and seemingly mysterious nature, a traumatic brain injury can happen to anyone. All it takes to receive such an injury is a sudden change in the speed that someone's body is traveling at. The change in momentum can cause the brain to hit the inside of the skull.

Investigations show poor government response to brain injurys

As one of the two major wars that the United States is involved in comes to a close, many troops are returning home to states like Ohio. One of the signature injuries sustained by troops during the wars in the Middle East is the traumatic brain injury, and many soldiers are suffering from the effects.

Man loses all memory in severe workplace accident

A former NFL player suddenly lost all of his memory in December 2008. The 46-year-old man sustained a serious brain injury while on the job and woke up in a hospital bed, not knowing who he was, who is wife was or even what a wife was. His wife and family were shocked by his amnesia, and his doctors have said that his case is so severe that he will likely never remember his life before the accident.

75 former players sue NFL over concussions, brain injurys

We have written a few posts about the brain injurys professional players may face when they suffer too many blows to the head. You may remember one post last April which described the mental health problems an NFL player struggled with after retiring from football.

Smartphones, tablets help memory for Ohio brain injury patients

When most people think about the recovery path for people who have traumatic brain injurys, one of the first things that comes to mind is often the difficult path for remembering things. However, a new breakthrough in medical research may benefit individuals in Columbus and throughout the country who are recovering from traumatic brain injurys.

Immediate nutrition fosters recovery in Ohio brain injury victims

In recent posts, we have written about the most effective treatment for traumatic brain injurys. From football players to military personnel and car accident victims, the scope of individuals who suffer from traumatic brain injurys is large.

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