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Workers' compensation claim pending? Take a Facebook break

When a person in Ohio has been injured on the job, they are entitled to seek workers' compensation benefits to supplement the income lost during treatment and recovery for their injuries. Necessary medical treatment is not always easy to predict and sometimes additional treatment is required beyond the initial diagnosis period.

The "Elephant in the Room". How the economy is affecting the Worker's Compensation program in Ohio.

There has been much talk lately about disabled workers and their struggles in getting back to work. Much of this talk ignores what some have called the "elephant in the room", the great recession, which has resulted in millions of lost jobs. This shortage of employment opportunity is pitting the able against the disabled in the race to find a new job. Clearly the disabled are at a disadvantage in this competition. This makes some to look at trying to change the Workers' Compensation system because of the stress placed upon it by this very competition. In a thriving economy, many more opportunities are available to return to the workforce once they are able to do so. Currently, one may stay in the system longer because those jobs are no longer as readily available.

Ohio State contests ruling that contracted illness was a workplace injury: Part 2

In our last posting, we discussed the facts leading up to a contested workers' compensation claim that involves a worker and alumnus of Ohio State University. A workers' compensation board ruled in favor of the employee in late December, holding that the illness contracted by the employee was caused by an inadequate cleanup of a flood in her building.

Ohio State contests ruling that contracted illness was a workplace injury: Part 1

An Ohio workers' compensation board will convene for a hearing today to listen to Ohio State's appeal to an earlier ruling that a long term illness contracted by an employee equated to a workplace injury.

"Scope of Employment" includes carrying pepperoni and pizza sauce supply

When an employee is injured on the job, one of the first determinations that is made in a hearing to obtain workers' compensation benefits is whether or not the employee was acting within the "scope of employment."

Ohio chiropractor indicted after defrauding Bureau of Workers' Compensation

The Bureau of Workers' Compensation was set up to assist injured employees in their time of need by providing necessary funding to help them through the period during which they cannot work. When a person makes fraudulent claims for workers' compensation benefits, it actually takes funding away from those who need it.

Do Fusion Surgeries Cost More Than They Are Worth? Part 2

The first post of the series on fusion surgeries for treatment of degenerative disc disease often listed in claims for workers' compensation benefits mentioned several criticisms against the controversial surgical procedure. According to many critics, the surgery is essentially only a lucrative procedure that is less effective or even damaging compared to physical therapy for the back injury.

Are Fusion Surgeries Costing Workers and Employers More Than They're Worth?

One of the most common injuries which form the basis for numerous workers' compensation benefits claims is degenerative disc disease. The disease consists of a slow breakdown of the soft discs located between vertebrae that act as shock absorbers for the spine. When the structure of the discs changes, it can cause lower back pain, neck pain and other problems such as spinal stenosis, the narrowing of the spinal canal, or herniated discs, abnormal bulges or breaks of a spinal disc.

Intoxicated City Employee Injured, Receives Workers' Compensation

A highly disputed topic in workers' compensation cases is often whether or not the employee injured himself at work. We have discussed in prior posts how there is always a grey area in the interpretation of the law, making vital the assistance of an experienced workers' compensation attorney in a case.

Principal Receives Workers' Compensation for Gunshot Injury

Workers' Compensation Benefits are benefits that are paid out to an employee by their employer when they are injured in a workplace accident. If a beam falls on a worker while they are at a construction site, the argument for a workplace injury seems easy, but where the lines have become blurred, an experienced workers' compensation attorney can be vital.

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