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3 reasons to report a workplace injury immediately

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

If you get hurt at work, you want to make a report to your supervisor or your employer as soon as you possibly can. Do not put it off. Do not go home and see if you feel better the next day. Report the accident.

Many people skip over this and delay the process. But there are some very good reasons that you want to report it as fast as you can. Three of them are listed below.

You reduce the odds of being accused of getting injured at home

One reason to do this is simply that you want to make sure that your employer believes you were injured on the job. You know that you were, but your employer may not believe you if you come in the following day and claim to have been injured previously. They may accuse you of having gotten injured while working at your house or playing sports, for instance, and this can hold up the process. If you report it right away, there’s no risk that they’re going to think you’re trying to make a fraudulent claim.

There’s a statute of limitations

Additionally, there’s a statute of limitations in Ohio for workers’ comp. cases. You have one year to file your claim. If you do not move quickly, this complicated process could get away from you, and you may find that you’re not able to recover the compensation that you actually need. This is also why it’s important to know about the long-term ramifications of an accident, even if you think your injuries at the time are not as severe as they may be.

It helps with the investigation

An investigation may need to be carried out to determine what happened. Your employer may also need to take steps to ensure that the workplace is safe for the other workers. All of this should happen as soon as possible. You are reporting a potentially dangerous condition when you report your accident, and that’s beneficial for all involved.

If you have been seriously injured on the job, you may have a right to significant workers’ compensation. Be sure you know exactly what steps to take.