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Office workers can face serious injuries, too

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

Many people think of office work as something that’s pretty safe. While it’s true that many of these professions are safe, there are still risks that workers need to be aware of. These can lead to injuries that considerably impact a person’s ability to work and do normal daily activities.

Anyone who is working in an office setting should learn about these risks. Employers have a duty to mitigate the risks, but the workers may choose to enhance their chance of remaining safe by following proper protocol.

Slips, trips and falls

The biggest risk that office workers face is slipping or tripping and falling. This is often due to things like cords strewn across the floor or drawers being left open. Worn carpet and folded rugs can also lead to problems within the office space.

It’s also possible to fall without slipping or tripping. Workers who have to climb, such as those who need to reach files or items on upper shelves, can fall from a step stool or ladder. The risk of falling increases if they have to stand on a chair.

Cumulative trauma injuries

Some workers are at risk of cumulative trauma injuries. These include things like carpal tunnel syndrome. These injuries usually seem irksome at first, but they can become more problematic as time progresses. As the injury gets worse, you’ll likely notice that you’re having more trouble using the impacted body part. This could eventually lead to the need for medical intervention, which may include medication, surgery, therapy and other methods.

Any office worker who suffers an injury while at work should ensure they seek medical care. Workers’ compensation can help to cover that, as well as certain other financial impacts of the work-related injury.