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What determines if an amputated body part can be reattached?

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Workplace Injuries

Accidental amputations can happen in a split second for those working with power tools, heavy machinery and in many other settings. They are rare, as far as injuries are concerned, but very serious.

In some cases, the body part that was amputated can be reattached. It is important to act quickly, however, and seek proper medical care right away. Every minute that passes makes reattachment less likely.

Speed of care isn’t the only important issue when it comes to amputations. Here are a few other things that will help determine if a reattachment is possible:

  • What body part is involved. Smaller amputations, such as those to fingers, may present less of a challenge.
  • The type of injury. For instance, a crush injury is far harder to reattach than a clean cut.
  • What condition the body part and the wound are in when arriving at the medical center. Both should be kept clean and the amputated body part should be put on ice. This should only be done when it is wrapped in gauze and put into a plastic bag first, protecting it.
  • The person’s health. The better health the individual is in when the injury occurs, the greater the odds that the reattachment will work.
  • The skill of the medical professionals. This is a very complex procedure and takes incredible talent to do successfully.

Those who suffer amputation injuries at work need to be prepared for the fact that life may never be the same. In that light, they also need to know exactly what legal options they have and how to move forward after such an injury. After a workplace amputation, workers’ compensation may provide you with the lifeline you need to protect your family.