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Wrongful death of loved one at work could be due to negligence

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Wrongful Death

For many, going to work is a chore, not a joy. Making ends meet for yourself and your family is top priority for those who are a main bread-winner for a family. It’s true that supporting your family financially is a very important way in which to support the family unit. For those who have lost a loved one and bread-winner in a fatal work accident, it can be unimaginable to think of life without them.

There is, first and foremost, the emotional loss. With a death as sudden as a work accident can be, a family’s world can be turned upside-down in an instant. From the moment a person receives the phone call notifying a person of the accident, to the days and weeks following the loss, it can be a surreal blur. The truth is, the work accident that ended your loved one’s life, could have been due to another’s negligence.

This is different from the average work accident. It means that ‘but for’ a person or company’s negligence, a person’s injury and ultimately their death, could have been avoided. It essentially means a person or a party did not take the appropriate level of care in whatever way it impacted the person who passed away in the work incident. Depending on the industry a person works in, the fatal work accident can happen in a variety of ways.

At Philip J. Fulton Law Office, we know how impactful these sudden, violent losses can be for a family. The loved one can never be replaced, but some portion of their financial contributions can potentially be sought. Seeking a wrongful death suit isn’t right in all work accident incidences, but it shouldn’t be ruled out. The investigation into the fatal workplace accident can help to shed light on this.