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The financial implications for a worker’s family after fatality

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Wrongful Death

When your loved one left for work in the morning, you never dreamed that he or she wouldn’t return. The truth is that workers die at work and it can happen for a variety of reasons. While the crushing grief can engulf a family, there are many other aspects of a family’s life that can change drastically after suddenly losing a loved one. One of those aspects is financial health.

While you or a friend may have lost a very important person in your lives, be it a mother, brother, father or son, the list goes on. When reality sets in, loved ones often realize they are missing more than a loved one. They are missing a financial component in their lives that they greatly depended on. This financial crippling can have long-lasting implications.

Sadly, there is so much that a person or family stands to lose when they suddenly lose a loved one. Financial health is one thing that many people can really struggle with. At Philip J Fulton Law office, we are here to help those who have lost a loved one suddenly at work. This is especially true for those people who believe their loved one’s death was preventable or otherwise due to another’s negligence.

The specifics can really vary, in terms of the person’s line of work, the details surrounding the incident and the parties connected to the person’s daily activity. The goal is to have zero deaths at work. However, we have yet to hit that statistic. For those that lose the unimaginable, there are ways to get answers after fatal workplace accidents.