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Post-stroke conditions could make you eligible for disability

A stroke is a serious medical occurrence that often happens with little to no warning, leaving victims with serious side effects that could impact the rest of their lives. Ohio victims experience stroke in different ways, and no two cases are the same. If you went through a stroke, it is possible that you may find you are unable to work as you did before it happened.

While some people recover and move on after a stroke, it may not be as easy for you. Post-stroke conditions can affect you mentally and physically, and earning a living like you did before may be seemingly impossible. If you cannot hold gainful employment because of these newly developed medical conditions, you may be eligible for disability benefits.

The ways a stroke can change your life

The actual effects that it will have depend on what parts of the brain the stroke impacted. It is normal for a person to experience weakness and difficulty with movement and memory at first, but some victims may find that they are dealing with serious issues long-term. Some common post-stroke conditions that may affect your ability to work include the following:

  • Serious and unrelenting fatigue
  • Dysphagia, which is difficulty swallowing
  • Muscle weakness on one side of the body, known as hemiparesis
  • Foot drop
  • Joint pain or localized pain
  • Seizures and epilepsy
  • Incontinence
  • Sleep problems and vision issues
  • Spasticity

Any of these issues could make it difficult to work. While accommodations, adjusted schedules and other factors could make it possible to work in some capacity, you may come to a point where it is impossible to work enough to earn a decent living.

You may be discouraged by the aftermath of a stroke and what it did to your life. It is normal to fear the financial impact of a devastating medical event, but if you cannot work, there is still hope.

Who can get disability benefits?

A stroke may have changed your life, but you are not without options. Individuals with valid medical conditions and a history of work could be eligible for a specific type of disability benefits.

If you believe that you may be eligible, you would be wise to learn more about your legal options and your rightful claim to benefits. The claims process is complex, but with guidance, you can traverse it successfully and move forward with needed financial support after a serious and life-altering stroke.

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