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December 2016 Archives

Rights of injured workers in Ohio

Workers in Ohio who are injured while working are entitled to a number of benefits under the state's workers' compensation laws. Ohio's Bureau of Workers' Compensation has published a pledge of the rights to which an injured worker is entitled. This post will summarize those rights with one caveat: the entitlement to workers' compensation benefits and the amount of those benefits may often involve complicated legal, factual or medical questions for which professional assistance may be required.

The anatomy of workers compensation wage loss benefits

Workers in Ohio who are injured on the job are eligible for several types of benefits under the state's workers compensation system. Perhaps the most important workers compensation benefit is remuneration for lost wages and diminished future earning capacity. This post will explain the nature of these benefits.

I'm Applying For SSD Benefits. Does That Mean I Can't Work?

Even though many people think they cannot work at all if they are applying for - or already receiving - Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, that is simply not the case. In fact, as long as your monthly gross income is below a certain dollar amount, you may still be able to receive SSD benefits.

Helping you claim benefits after suffering a workplace injury

Residents in Ohio work in a variety of industries. While some workplaces are considerably safer than others, this does not mean that an employee cannot endure a workplace injury even in the safest environment. Whether it is carrying out the daily tasks in a high-risk position, such as construction, or working in an office setting doing repetitive motions, a worker could suddenly suffer an injury in the work environment that could cause them to miss work for an extensive amount of time.

Are travel injuries covered by workers' compensation?

Most Ohioans understand that the state's workers' compensation benefit system will pay benefits for injuries suffered on the job. To be eligible for benefits, an injury must be "work-related." Coverage for injuries sustained while traveling to and from a job or as part of an employee's duties may be work-related and eligible for workers' compensation benefits if certain factors are satisfied.

How much does workers' comp pay in Ohio?

In addition to medical benefits, an injured worker in Ohio may also be entitled to receive some type of wage loss benefits. As its name suggests, wage loss benefits are meant to cover the paychecks you are losing because of your injury.

Is everyone denied the first time they apply for SSD Benefits?

While the Social Security Administration (SSA) doesn't reject everyone, the truth is that the vast majority of people are denied the first time they apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Indeed, as reported in the SSA's 2015 Annual Statistical Supplement - the most recent year available - only 32.2 percent of applicants were approved in 2014, meaning nearly 70 percent were denied disability benefits.

Trench collapses threaten workers with injury or death

Ohio workers who build sewers or work on other jobs that require them to remain below the surrounding grade for many hours are constantly threatened by collapse of the soil and rock around them. In three separate incidents involving Ohio construction companies, the failure to provide adequate precautions against such workplace accidents have resulted in one death, one serious injury and a citation for violating the regulation that requires the use of cribs, shoring and other safety measures to prevent trenches from collapsing.

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