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Options when a Social Security disability claim is denied

Social Security disability benefits are important for many disabled Americans struggling with an inability to work and, at times, struggling to survive. There are nearly 9 million Americans who currently rely on Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. When a disabled individual has been denied social security, they may struggle to understand why but is it is important for them to be aware that there are additional options, including the appeals’ process, to pursue if they have been denied disability benefits.

The truth is that a large number of applicants for SSD benefits are initially denied disability benefits. While the complex application process may sometimes be frustrating, it is important to be aware of the next steps following a denial of benefits. Because important timelines are associated with the process of appealing denied social security benefits, it is important that the applicant is prepared with how to promptly respond to a denial and is not discouraged.

A request for reconsideration will be made first which will include all relevant medical information and records for the applicant establishing their disability and need for disability benefits. If the application is denied once again, that is still not the end of the process. An appeal hearing before an administrative law judge can be requested next and additional options for appeal may follow the hearing process as well. In general, applicants for disability benefits should keep in mind that an inability to work due to a medical condition that lasts for 12 months or longer, or is expected to result in death, and required work history qualifies them for disability benefits. Additional options, such as Supplemental Security Income, may be available for disabled individuals without the necessary work history.

Though the process of applying for disability benefits can seem complex, and sometimes come with challenges, it is important for disabled individuals to be familiar with the process. With proper guidance and understanding, disabled individuals can arrive at the best option for them and how to go through the application process to successful receipt of the benefits they need.