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July 2016 Archives

What kind of medical information is necessary for an SSDI claim?

Many Ohioans who are contemplating filing a claim for disability benefits wonder about the kind of information they must supply in support of the claim. Supporting information for a disability claim falls into two broad categories: medical information and employment history. In this post, we will review the types of medical information that a claimant must provide in support of a claim for Social Security Disability Income or SSDI benefits.

SSDI benefits for anxiety disorders

Many people in Ohio suffer from the emotional or mental disorder known as anxiety or stress. Sometimes, the effects of this disorder can interfere with a person's ability to work, In this post, we will review the requirements of the Social Security Administration or SSA for obtaining disability benefits for personality disorders related to stress and anxiety.

1 killed, 1 injured in demolition; Safety violations recorded

When you're a construction worker, your safety is of the utmost importance. You provide a necessary service to the public, and there's no reason that you should have to suffer injuries due to safety violations or other concerns.

An overview of the SSDI claim evaluation process

For many people in Ohio who may be contemplating a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI benefits, the process used by the Social Security Administration or SSA often seems like a black hole - light goes in but none come out. In this post, we hope to provide some helpful illumination about how the SSA evaluates disability claims.

How much are you entitled to in Social Security benefits?

If you're applying for Social Security Disability, you need to have your Social Security number, birth certificate, case number and the names of your doctors ready. You will also need the address, name and phone number of any medical facility you attended for care. Remember to keep the dates of all your visits for the purpose of your application.

SSDI Benefits and Medicare

A frequent question asked by Ohioans who are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI benefits is whether they can receive help with paying for medical insurance. The answer is "Yes" with certain conditions.

Appeal a denied workers' compensation claim

If your workers' compensation claim has been denied, it can make you frustrated and leave you feeling like you have no way to access the money you need. Workplace injuries are usually covered by your employer's workers' compensation insurance, and when you're hurt at work, it should kick in to help you pay for the medical costs associated with your injury among other financial losses. 

Options when a Social Security disability claim is denied

Social Security disability benefits are important for many disabled Americans struggling with an inability to work and, at times, struggling to survive. There are nearly 9 million Americans who currently rely on Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. When a disabled individual has been denied social security, they may struggle to understand why but is it is important for them to be aware that there are additional options, including the appeals' process, to pursue if they have been denied disability benefits.

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