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How many people do spinal cord injuries affect each year?

At work, you're at risk of a traumatic brain injury no matter what industry you work in. If you drive, you could be in a car accident. If you're a factory worker, you could fall or get caught in machinery. There are many ways for these injuries to occur, which is why so many people suffer every year.

Work history can be key to obtaining SSDI benefits

Many people in Ohio assume that medical evidence is the key to obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance ("SSDI"), but this assumption is only partially correct. SSDI benefits are awarded to persons who are permanently disabled by an injury or illness from working, or, in the parlance of the Social Security Administration ("SSA"), accomplishing substantial gainful activity. In ruling on an application for SSDI benefits, the SSA looks at both the medical condition of the applicant and the effect of that condition on the applicant's ability to work.

Worker killed when he fell into a hydraulic press in Ohio

When you go to work, you expect to be kept safe on the job. If you work in construction, that means that everyone should be in the right safety gear, the team should have good communication and the right barricades should be used. If you work in a factory, the proper machine guards should be in place to prevent you from suffering amputations or worse.

SSD benefits eligibility requires minimum number of work credits

Most applicants for disability benefits understand that they must be totally disabled for a period of 12 months or more to receive disability insurance payments from the Social Security Administration. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the necessity of accumulating a sufficient number of what the SSA calls "work credits" before they are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. In this blog, we will explain this requirement.

Obtaining disability benefits for mental illness

Many people in Ohio think of a disability in terms of an illness or injury that interferes with a person's physical ability to work. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration ("SSA") takes a much broader view of the concept of "disability/" Persons suffering from mental illness can obtain social security disability benefits for mental conditions if they can meet the SSA's requirements.

Compassionate Allowances and your disability payments

When you get hurt on the job and suffer a long-term disability, you may find that workers' compensation isn't enough. You can generally apply for Social Security Disability if you're going to be disabled for a significant amount of time or if your disability is expected to be permanent or terminal.

How does the claims process work after a workplace injury?

When you're hurt in Ohio while you're working your job, you have the right to make a claim for workers' compensation as long as you're not self-employed. To make this claim, you have to file a First Report of Injury and mail it into the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. 

Meeting the medical requirements for SSD compassionate allowances

Ohio residents who suffer from certain medical conditions may have their Social Security disability claims expedited if the condition is so severe that it obviously meets disability SSD requirements. An award of disability benefits based on one of these conditions is called a compassionate allowance or CAL. CALs are not separate from Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income programs; rather, CALs provide an accelerated method for having a claim considered and approved.

Social Security disability benefits for blindness

For many people in Ohio, blindness or severely impaired vision constitutes a severe impairment of a their ability to work. For this reason, the Social Security Administration has developed special rules for providing disability benefits for persons who are blind.

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