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November 2015 Archives

Ohioans with mental illness need to get help

It is an unfortunate fact that Ohio, like the rest of the United States, tends to have an inadequate system for the treatment of mental illness, especially for those individuals who are economically disadvantaged. Many of the people most in need of mental health services simply do not get the treatment they need. This leads to those at-risk individuals ending up in emergency rooms or jails after encounters with first responders.

Do I need to return SSDI benefits payments when someone dies?

The death of a family member, especially a close one, is hard enough. Ohioans going through the grieving process can find the sense of loss can be compounded when the surviving family members realize how much there is to do to get the person's affairs in order. For older people or those who were disabled and receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration, there is even more to think about. So what does the SSA suggest?

What if an ALJ has treated one unfairly at an SSDI hearing?

We have previously touched on the process of reconsideration and appeal that an applicant for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income benefits can go through if the Social Security Administration denies his or her application. We have also mentioned the fact that those who hear such appeals, Administrative Law Judges, are human beings. As such, they are susceptible to all the shortcomings of humanity, such as bias, fear and just plain poor judgement.

What is a qualified alien for SSI applications in Ohio?

When we discuss eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income benefits in this space, we are generally assuming that those applying for such benefits are citizens of the United States. The U.S. is, however, a nation of immigrants and it is possible, in certain limited situations, for a non-citizen, sometimes termed an alien, to be eligible for benefits through the SSI program. Since 1996, the Social Security Administration has required the applicant to meet two criteria: the applicant must be a qualified alien, and the applicant must meet one of the statutory conditions laid out in the law that allows a qualified alien to receive benefits. In this installment we will discuss the first of these criteria.

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