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Justin Wilson dies following head injury on Pocono Raceway

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2015 | Wrongful Death

If you’re someone who enjoys watching the Indy500 and other races, then you’re probably familiar with the Pocono Raceway as well as a driver named Justin Wilson. You know that racing is a person like Justin’s job, and it comes with inherent risks.

If he is injured, his insurance policies need to pay out to support him and his family as he recovers. If a racer dies, the insurance coverage should provide funds to the family to help them cover funeral expenses or other needs they have after losing the wages the racer would bring in.

An update on the accident involving Justin Wilson, a driver in the ABC Supply 500 at Pocono Raceway, has reported that he has passed away from his injuries. The crash took place during the final laps of the race, when his car spun out, causing debris to litter the racetrack. He was struck by one of the pieces, and he suffered a head injury that led to his death hours later.

Following getting hit by debris, the driver veered to the left and struck the inside wall, which was covered by a SAFER barrier. He was fortunately able to leave his vehicle on his own at that point, and he walked to a nearby ambulance waiting on standby. He was taken to the Lehigh Valley Health Network Cedar Crest Hospital in Pennsylvania to receive treatment, but then it was discovered that he had suffered a serious blow to the head. He fell into a coma before eventually passing away at the hospital.

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