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Can’t work due to extreme anxiety or depression? Don’t despair!

Most Ohio residents are aware that people with physical impairments that interfere with their daily lives may be eligible for disability insurance benefits from the government. While missing limbs or chronic physical pain may be obvious manifestations of disability, there are other, more insidious health issues that can be just as devastating. As a society, we have a history of downplaying the causes and effects of mental illness as signs of weakness and there is often a social stigma attached to those who suffer from it. However, there are those who recognize that if you have a significant mental health issue, you may need financial help due to your inability to work.

We handle all kinds of disability benefits cases, including those based upon psychological conditions such as severe depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. We have experience with such claims and we know how difficult it may be to ask for help. Knowing what evidence can be adduced that may convince a Social Security Administration (SSA) worker or an administrative law judge that your disability is real and prevents you from being able to work is imperative to have a chance to prevail in such claims. We can work with your physicians and psychologists in order to try and ensure that your condition is properly diagnosed and documented.

Anyone who guarantees a certain result from the SSA isn’t reliable. The truth is, every claim is different. However, we have the experience and knowledge to take your case all of the way through the system, from the first filing to the final appeal, in an attempt to achieve your desired result. If you have any questions about our potential to help you with your disability claim, please review our web page on mental disabilities and SSDI.