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Denied a social security disability claim? Don’t give up!

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2014 | Social Security Hearings And Appeals

You have a disability. You try, but it’s just impossible for you to maintain a regular job. You wish you could work, but your disability won’t allow it. So, you finally give in and file for Social Security Disability benefits. You follow the rules, you give them the documentation you think they want. Then you get the letter. Your claim has been denied. Is that it? Are you doomed to live dependent on the kindness of family, friends and/or strangers?

Not necessarily. People with experience in the area of social security disability claims know that it is not uncommon for claims that are potentially valid to be denied at first blush. There may be several reasons for this. It could be that the instructions you got were unclear to you. It could be that, for some reason, a document that is normally requested is unavailable to you, through no fault of your own. It’s possible that you were denied because someone at the Social Security Administration made a mistake.

So what now? Well, it could be that you might benefit from a consultation with an experienced social security disability attorney. A good attorney will evaluate your claim, the type of disability you have and the case you originally presented to the SSA. If you are not entitled to benefits, good counsel will tell you, so you don’t waste more time or precious resources pursuing a claim. If, however, an argument can be made for case, there are ways to advance your claim. There are time limits, though, so you should seek advice from someone as soon as possible after your denial. More evidence can be adduced, documentation can be gathered and you can be prepared for any hearing that results. Whether through a rehearing or an appeal, your best chance of prevailing is with experienced counsel on your side.

If you believe you have been denied your SSD claim in error, please consider consulting an experienced legal professional. If you would like to learn more about our firm’s qualifications, and how we are compensated, feel free to check out our hearings and appeals page.

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