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September 2014 Archives

What rights do I have when I apply for SSI?

Residents of Ohio, like residents of any other U.S. state have certain rights to benefits from the federal government, if they meet the requirements set out in federal regulations and statutes. One of those benefits programs is the Supplemental Security Income, also known as SSI. SSI is a program under which the federal government pays an amount out of the general treasury (as opposed to the social security trust fund) to persons who are disabled, blind, and have limited resources. So, what rights do you have when you wish to attempt to qualify for SSI benefits?

Social Security Disability record system out of date

A report released recently alleges that the system used to create and organize records for the Social Security Disability program are antiquated and rely too heavily on hand written documents. According to an unidentified inspector general, the old records, coupled with the fact that they are not integrated for electronic screening, invites cases of fraud.

The 'Fatal Four' of construction accidents

It is often said that construction is one of the most dangerous lines of work, largely because of how many accidents occur while people are on the job. When taking a look at the numbers that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reported for 2012, it can be seen that the statistics do back this up.

Denied a social security disability claim? Don't give up!

You have a disability. You try, but it's just impossible for you to maintain a regular job. You wish you could work, but your disability won't allow it. So, you finally give in and file for Social Security Disability benefits. You follow the rules, you give them the documentation you think they want. Then you get the letter. Your claim has been denied. Is that it? Are you doomed to live dependent on the kindness of family, friends and/or strangers?

Construction accidents on the road: how many deaths and injuries?

Construction zones have varied statistics, but as there is plenty of roadwork always happening in Ohio, it's good to have a gauge of how many injuries and deaths really take place each year. Construction zone accidents are possible any time there is roadwork going on. The danger comes from vehicles passing through these areas while workers are using dangerous and hazardous materials.

Are Social Security disability benefits out of control?

There are those in Ohio and the rest of the nation who claim that the rise in the number of people receiving disability benefits is "out of control" and that the system will be bankrupted in the near future. While some of their specific criticisms have merit, there are some facts that need to be understood in order to remove the political hysteria from the equation.

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